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Brewerton, NY (November 2016) -- FEA Labs has announced the Photon Fuzz II as the latest pedal to their product lineup. The Photon Fuzz II is an updated version of FEA’s original Photon Fuzz with several new features added. 

The Photon Fuzz II gets its name from a component in the circuit that utilizes infrared light to control the FET that is used in this fuzz circuit. Light is made up of photon particles, so the name represents the action that is at the core of this unique fuzz design. 

The drive and bite controls work in tandem on the guitar or bass signal to define the character of the fuzz tone. The drive sets the overall gain stage for the distorted signal, which is then driven into the bite stage of the circuit. The bite control sets the activation point where the fuzz distortion engages upon (bites into) the signal. The level control adjusts the overall output level of the fuzz signal.

The 2-band EQ is an active boost/cut design.  The EQ circuit is only for shaping the fuzz tone and each frequency band can be adjusted to a boost/cut of +/- 14dB for generous tone shaping capabilities.  A pre-fuzz high-pass filter can be set using internal DIP switches, thereby modifying the amount of low frequencies being processed through the fuzz circuit.

The dry level control does as the name suggests and adds dry (unprocessed) signal, blended with the fuzz signal. The dry blend is beneficial for use with a bass guitar to preserve the full and natural low-end tone of the instrument, but can also add tonal diversity to a guitar as well. The dry signal path can also be configured using internal DIP switches to set a low-pass filter so that the higher frequencies are attenuated from the dry tone.

The octave distortion stage is engaged by using the octave footswitch and the level control adjusts the amount of the octave affect to mix in with the overall fuzz tone. As with the dry tone, internal DIP switches can be set to apply a low-pass filter which is useful to tame some of the high-frequency artifacts that this octave distortion method may generate. 

A unique active coring noise reduction (ACNR) circuit was added to this new version of the Photon Fuzz to give it more function and sound capabilities.  The ACNR can be set to just attenuate the background noise that high-gain analog circuits produce, or with heavier settings, used as a gating effect for a choppy fuzz sound. 

The Photon Fuzz II utilizes low-noise, low-distortion amplifiers for a high quality buffered bypass.  With this buffered bypass and electronic switching, the Photon Fuzz II provides studio quiet switching.   


  • Small footprint design: 4.5” by 3.5”
  • 18V circuitry for more headroom from a 9V battery or 9V DC adapter
  • Activation footswitch (stomp switch) with HQ buffered bypass when the pedal is not active
  • Octave footswitch (stomp switch) to activate the octave distortion feature
  • Drive, Bite, and Level controls to shape the fuzz tone
  • 2-band active EQ for additional fuzz tone shaping
  • Dry blend control with configurable low-pass filter
  • Octave distortion control with configurable low-pass filter
  • Pre-fuzz high-pass filter settings of 55Hz, 110Hz, or 220Hz
  • Dry blend low-pass filter settings of full band (off), 160Hz, or 1600Hz
  • Octave distortion low-pass filter settings of full band (off), 500Hz, or 4000Hz
  • ACNR (active coring noise reduction) on the fuzz signal

The Photon Fuzz II is available now directly from FEA Labs for a price of $275.00 (USD). 

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