Favoretti's Custom Pedals Yellow Cab OD


Marcelo Favoretti

This is the new Favoretti's overdrive pedal. It took around 11 months to finish the first prototype.

The main trick in this pedal is an internal IC that converts standard power supply +9V in +16V/-8V. That's it! Asymmetric.

For instance, you can plug a standard 9V power supply and the pedal do the job. By this way the headroom is increased in order to get one of the warmest over driven tone you never heard.

Further, this box may be adjusted internally by three small trim pots knobs, presence, bass and voice. We choose the IC OP275 because it sounds very clean in comparison with others op amps. There are many possibilities by adjusting the toggles switches, Shape (clipping after first amplification stage followed by the filter voice), Smooth (central equalizer frequency) and Fare (more compression).

In order to increase quality the Yellow Cab's PCB was developed under military standards with tin plating holes.

Pedal feet is made from aluminium/rubber and allws the owner to remove the battery compartment without any special tool.

Alpha pots, neutrik/switchcraft jacks, true-by-pass, automotive finishing, handmade package, owner manual and a exclusive tone.

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