Favoretti's Custom Pedals Shelby Chorus


Marcelo Favoretti

When I started to developed this pedal I was looking for analog tones and very flexible chorus features including some vibrato too, so the circuit is based on BBD's IC's.

The main target at that time was to have a possibility to color the guitar signal preserving its characteristics and also have a option that could adjust choruses wet/dry in addition with common controls, Rate and Depth.

The question was: How to get that? The goal was a feature we called Morph. It consists in a simple control that adjusts the circuit delay time.

So, by this way is possible to turn the signal wet and dry but keeping chorus tones. It is not similar to level or mix controls, by the way.

Like all of our pedals, Shelby chorus has a feet made by aluminium/rubber and let the owner to remove the battery compartment without any special tool, Alpha pots, neutrik/switchcraft jacks, true-by-pass, automotive finishing, handmade package and owner manual.

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