Favoretti's Custom Pedals Maverick GT Deluxe


Marcelo Favoretti

This pedals was the first pedal I decided to built.

I was playing and my gear was very small. With this pedal I could have many different combinations and preamp tones.

When is necessary to plug in directly in a mixer, that's the magic box. The pedal is also a good choice to play using small amplifiers because its circuit can improve pretty much this kind of setup.

Further Maverick Deluxe also has a clean boost that can be switched alone or after pedal drive. It can boost the signal in 20dB. The highlight feature of the clean boost is that when the control Blower is set in zero the circuit works as a buffer.

Another fantastic application is to use the boost circuit before modulation chain in a pedal board. It can increase the headroom and make your tone as clean as a crystal.

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