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The FAUSTONE FUZZ UNIT is a replica of the rare Barnes and Mullins (B&M) Champion Fuzz Unit. The original pedals were built by Colorsound in London in the late 70s. Rebranded under many names (B&M, CMI, G.B., Pro'Traffic) electronically the circuit was the British cousin of the EH Big Muff, and was allegedly featured on 'A Girl Like You', the Edwyn Collins hit single.

This 2011 Faustone version is based on my April 1977 original which was carefully dissected, studied and re-assembled. The circuit on mine is a tad different from the available Internet schematic, and features Zetex brand transistors instead of the ubiquitous BC184Cs.

Very much like other Colorsound pedals before, these late 70s "Tonebenders" were built into Wah-Wah enclosures, hence the shape and dimensions of the boxes. We cloned the box but made it a bit sturdier because mine is a bit bent after 30+ years of use. We powder-coated it in bright orange and cloned the original silkscreening too. I even cloned the original cable colour scheme, but that makes no difference in sound :-).

These are hard wired on a RS tagboard because that's what I do. The first 30 pedals (more if I can find a steady supply) will also feature the same hard to find NOS Zetex transistors as in my original.

Dimensions: 24mm length x 9.2mm width x 6mm height.


  • Steel replica enclosure (1mm thickness), sturdier than the original.
  • Hard to find NOS Zetex transistors (while supplies last).
  • Point to point wired on a RS tagboard.
  • Full sized Alpha pots.
  • Ero/Vishay polyester capacitors.
  • Carbon film resistors.
  • Switchcraft jacks.
  • True bypass switch.


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2014-09-20Red with DC adapter & light10/10  Massive, thick fuzz...
2013-09-118.5/10  ......

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