Farndurk X²



The X2 is a sweet dual mode pedal that offers both clean overdrive and also can be used as a really killer distortion unit. It's very easy to operate, too. There is a Gain knob, a Volume knob, and a Mode Switch. That's it. No tone controls.

With the Mode switch in OD mode, the pedal operates very cleanly up until you hit around 65% or so of available Gain. Once you exceed that level, the pedal starts to crunch-up a bit. If you run the Gain knob WFO in OD mode, then the X2 produces a pretty cool crunch tone that brings to the table some of the greatest granular type crunch that I've ever heard. No kiddin'. Back the Gain knob down and open the Volume control all the way and the X2 provides clean and really punchy/powerful overdrive. It's about as transparent as it gets too. Nothing but your guitar tone coming through. Can be used as just a clean booster/od to drive your tube amp into breakup, or any other application where you want more gain.

In the Distortion Mode, the X2 has an aggressive and very punchy kind of grind, and midrange is brought up a bit as well to thicken it up. Think of songs like Sin City, There's Only One Way to Rock, or Turn Me Loose (yea I know ... Loverboy ... ugh ... but you get my point, right?). Now, reduce the grind level a little and the X2 becomes an EXCELLENT low to medium gain drive pedal that has a really really nice early break-up sound. If you play Blues of any kind, this pedal will work just great for you! Heavy Blues, traditional type, Tejano-style, whatever! And just to get it said and out there ... the X2 ain't no Toob Skreemer! Nothing anywhere remotely close to that notable circuit.

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