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Simple, effective, 2 knobs. That's it. Hard driving crunch, super sexy bluesy tones, stinging leads. Gotta love it. You have a Volume knob, a Gain knob. Optional toggles can control many other functions such as clipping selectors, Tone Plug ports, Modal choices, and other voicing options. These pics show Xs with many options. But the X works just great without any options at all.

The X is a dual mode overdrive/distortion device with two separate distortional voices. We can add a Tone Plug port (optional upcharge) to this model as well. The X uses the exact same circuitry and functionality as the OD circuit that is used in the MODEL 9, so you can think of the X as half of the MODEL 9.

As an optional upcharge, you can have two modes of operation using the optional Mode switch. Choose distortion mode, and you are also given two on-board choices of distortion types (optionally the Tone Plug port is selected by this same switch, if equipped with a port). Select OD mode and the X becomes a really LOUD clean booster ... one of the best clean boosters I've used, to be honest. Very transparent and alive. Short and concise circuit pathways are engineered into this thing to keep noise at a minimum, and your natural guitar tone at a maximum. Less is more is absolutely the approach we took in this pedal's design. A very straightforward pedal.

With that having been said, we used no tone controls, just straight ahead tone :) Here's a few pics of a couple of fully loaded/fully optioned X pedals. They have Tone Plug ports (which are optional), as well as a mode switch and distortional voicing selector toggles that are also optional. The base price get's you the pedal with only the Gain knob and the Volume knob, then we start building it up from there. Or you can just get the X as the minimal two control unit that it starts out as .. it works just great like that.


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