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Our exclusive circuit design sortof came about in one of those late late night discovery/development sessions. We have made a few breakthroughs in the basic overall design of the original Valven circuit itself, the biggest thing was adding a secondary distortion section.

The V2 offers an "amplifier" type approach to overdriven tonal shaping. The V2 uses clipping in both the "pre-eq" section of the circuit (the Tone control has a direct affect on the color of the clipped signal in this section), as well as "post-eq" clipping (Tone control has little or no affect on the distortion created in this section, just like the power amp section of a tube head). We call this Secondary Distortion.

Added Features: The V2 also uses a few other upgrades over the original Valven:

  • V2 offers TWICE the gain over the original Valven
  • 2 separate Tone Plug ports are offered (as optional add ons). Each port is assigned to either the Primary Distortion or the Secondary Distortion. A Tone Plug port equipped V2 operates just fine without ANY Tone Plugs used due to the excellent default tones we've built in to these units. So you aren't forced into purchasing anything extra to make the pedal operate.
  • A three position midrange voice switch is included. This switch gives you a selection of any one of 3 separate midrange boost voices. Go from a sortof 808-ish type midhump/not-much-bottom sound all the way to a rattle-the-bones-of-the-audience tone.
  • 3 knobs .... Gain (highly adjustable and very effective control), Tone (your standard type tone control), and Volume.

Summary: Single footswitch, 3 knobs, 5 toggles, 2 Tone Plug ports (optional). Our most versatile Valven design yet. Works great with humbuckers or single coils. Likes both precompression or preboosting too.

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