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Farndurk GEMINI is a true bypass dual overdrive unit that is centered around two core Farndurk Valven OD circuits. The versatility and flexibility of this thing is staggering. First off, it uses 2 Valven OD circuits (exclusively from Farndurk) that are already designed to be very verstaile, and we are able to get many useable tones from it all on it's own. We can set it up with more or less midrange emphasis, several types of tonal voicings, and many many different types of clipping, both hard (grounded) and soft (feedback loop). The Valven OD circuit has several clipping "doctrines" built in to it's core, and the break-points and responsiveness of the signal can easily be changed to suit the user. We can spec each Valven circuit used in the Gemini to have medium gain, heavy gain, early-breakup boost, whatever the user needs... we can do just about anything you want with this circuit.

Now ... double all of that power. The potential combinations of tones is outside of my head, no doubt. Couple that with the fact that we can do so much with our core Valven overdrive circuit, and the possibilities soar.

We also offer an optional FX loop built in (true bypassable!) as well as some optional switching options (such as A/B mode or On/Off mode per channel), and an optional Master Bypass (3rd) footswitch.

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