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It never ends around here! So after some groveling and clever leveraging, we got the Sunshine name back! So the once Sunshine, then DEFCON1, is now the Sunshine once again! We've used the exact same circuit and pcb layout that the original great sounding Sunshine always had. I archive every CAD drawing I have ever done, so bringing back that original pcb was a snap! Same components are all there as well, didn't have to change a single thing. So it's the original Farndurk Sunshine in all it's warmth, power, and energy.

I also went back to the simple "non-calibrated" C-knob. This means that there is that sortof ~dead zone~ at the end of the C-knob's sweep. What is happening there is that when you reach the point of over-bias (somewhere around 2 O'Clock on the C-knob's sweep) so you end up with essentially silence after the 2 O'Clock position. Not to worry, this is normal for these things. As is the "swooshing" sound the C-knob makes when you adjust it. That is due to the use of Germanium components within the power circuit. It's quite common among many fuzz units that use Germs in their circuitry as well.

The main reason I sortof "de-evolved" this circuit was due to ease of adjustment issues. With the way that the bias over-trims at around 2 O'clock, what this actually does is put the "sweetest spot" of the compression adjustment right in the "easiest handling" part of the C-knob's curve. So it makes it easier to tweak it, even though the pedal is a little less refined this way. With the "refinement" of the calibration circuit I added, it ended up putting the sweet spot of the adjustment in the WORST part of teh knob's curve. So it became VERY touchy and hard to tweak that way. So I did away with the calibration efforts and went back the the "crude" method that over 250 happy compressor customers have been pleased as punch with since my comps were first released upon the Earth. That's what I get for trying to fix somethin' that ain't busted!

Same 2 knob controls, and a single Nuke Switch to take care of True Bypass duties. No footswitch, no LED, just the Nuke Switch and the 2 knobs. "C" for compression amount, and "V" for Volume control. Simple, quiet, easy. This is most certainly not a Ross type comp.

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