Farndurk Model 9




A long time coming, and well worth the wait. Triple threat preamp, can be used in just about any form of music. Compression, Clean Boost, and Dual Mode overdrive all in one neat and tidy package. Built tough as a shovel like all Farndurk gear, the Model 9 was born of necessity. A truly roadworthy piece of gear designed for decades of use. Aircraft grade stainless steel hardware used throughout. NOS milspec surplus switches used in military radar gear. Hard-as-the-hubs-o-hell Blackout powdercoating (a custom powder we had made up just for us, it's even UV tolerant). All threaded components are Loctited into place, which greatly reduces the odds of parts coming loose over time. Just a lot of details covering just about every aspect of the construction of the pedal has been addressed.

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