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The all new Farndurk JOE is a clean booster that carries a concealed weapon under the hood ... full blown and fully adjustable compression tone right out of the Model 9. The Joe sounds excellent, a simple single OpAmp design based on a standard single gain stage preamp, backed up with a second Jfet gain stage to give great clean boost. Two pedals in one. A boost and a comp. It is a simple circuit with short audio pathways to keep as much of your guitar's natural tone as possible. So the JOE is a great BOOSTER with the additional benefit of having a built-in compressor as well. The combo of the two makes for an excellent and very workable tone. The JOE circuit has the very same compressor AND the same Jfet booster that the Model 9 has built into it's circuitry. All bound together forever to offer the tone that the two make in unison.

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