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The Burgs Compressor. Originally named the Farndurk Carma comp, I initially set out to replicate the same compression setup that Mark Knopfler used on the first two albums. In fact, for the first couple of versions of this circuit we even named the pcbs "Sultan" in honor of the famous song. However the Burgs compressor has been so successful and unique that it has earned the right to fly it's own flag, so we have named the newest version of the circuit BURGS-RTOC (Burgs Return To Origins Compressor).

We've outfitted the BURGS-RTOC circuit with a Burr Brown main IC chip. This insightful upgrade gives us a bit more headroom and more fidelity as well. Same simple two knob operation with True Bypass. We use the BURGS-RTOC circuit in several of our compressor units, the Burgs compressor pedal is one of them so is the totally far out MODEL9. With a very non-Ross type compressor tone, the BURGS-RTOC compressor circuit uses Tantalum and Germanium goodness within to achieve it's trademark Farndurk sound. It sounds like nothing else out there. Snappy, clean, and very toneful.

New Feature: The Preset Switch. What we have here is a three position minitoggle that provides three separate compression settings to you at the flick of it's bat. You get NEAR ZERO mode, PRESET COMP mode, and CURRENT SETTING mode.

Near Zero Mode = Killa Boost mode!! Why the heck would anyone want to use a compressor that won't compress? Well, the Burgs compressor (outfitted with our proprietary BURGS-RTOC circuit) has an EXCELLENT sounding preamp. So excellent sounding that some folks use the Burgs as just a clean booster, which is something that it absolutely excels at. Brett Kingman once told me "I don't use your compressor just because you're my buddy you genius nut, I use it because it makes my guitars SHINE."

Preset Compression Mode. Flipping the minitog to this selection puts the comp in a compression configuration that is of your chosing. When it leaves here, I set the Preset trimmer to MAX Compression for you. I've gone and set the trimpot on the Preset switch so that the compression is set as high as I can set it with the VOLUME knob at MAX, and still be at Unity Gain. So, turn the volume DOWN, flip the minitog to the MAX position, and raise the volume as needed. It will most likely reach MAX Vol by the time you hit unity gain. However, you can change this compression setting to ANY compression setting that you like by simply opening up the pedal and tweaking the trimpot mounted on the Preset switch until you've set it to your fave setting. Close up the pedal, and now everytime you flip the switch to the Preset selection, your fave comp setting is automatically put into play. Just re-adjust the volume to suit, and jam!

Current Setting Mode. In this mode, the compressor responds to however you have the knob marked "C" on the control panel set. I've set this mode up so you can adjust the comp's bias settings to the far extremes. You can dial in anything from Near Zero compression all the way out to "dead silence" compression (and of course anything in between min and max). You can dial in so much compression that you've actually snuffed out the audio signal! So you are given the full-amount of available bias with this knob. Just put the Preset switch in to the Current Setting position and tear it up!

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