Farndurk Custom Modular is run by Brian Cale, assisted by his wife Missi. They are located in Yuma, Arizona (USA) in what is known as the Great Sonoran Desert.

    Timeline (by Brian Cale)

    2011: The inoperable spinal injury I have was misdiagnosed by the Veterans' Administration (medical care for U.S. military veterans, I served from 1979 to 1985). Consequently they were giving me improper and incorrect treatments which resulted in a severe inability for me to reliably work, creating a large backlog of module orders. The situation created some negativity amongst the web-o-sphere, which would have driven many people into completely giving up.

    I looked inward, I found a strength located deep within me that pushed us forward. I sought different medical treatment with private doctors, and at the same time pulled myself out of the ditch we seemed to be stuck in until we had corrected the situation. We worked very hard for over an entire year to correct the problems. We not only fixed things, we've made things far better. We completely changed our business model, and changed our philosophy about how we were going about constructing our designs. We began to focus on creating the absolute best hand made audio gear that we could make, and stopped focusing on how many units per week could be built. Our business has taken a huge upswing since then, and so has my health (proving to a degree that the heart and mind drives the body ... make the soul happy and the body will follow).

    I truly love what I do for a living. I honestly dislike actually having to go to bed at night because it means I cannot work again until I get out of bed the next day. I put in at least 12 hours each and every day at Farndurk, including weekends. At the time of this writing I am 52 years of age, and for the first time in my life I actually love .. LOVE .. what I do to feed my family. At this stage we are producing the finest audio processors that we have ever built since the creation of Farndurk. We have refined and honed our construction and fabrication processes to fine points, and continue to do so with each day we work. We employ a personal philosophy I call "C.A.N.I." which stands for Constant And Neverending Improvement. Another ethos that we embrace is something I call "Outlife" which dictates that we attempt to design and build modules and devices that will outlive both their designer/builder (me) and their owners (my customers). We are striving to have Farndurk become our legacy.

    So, as you can clearly see, 2011 was a pivotal point for us. We had a choice... sink, or swim. We dug deep and chose to swim. In the process Missi and I have discovered newfound motivation, inspriation, and internal strength that drives us to produce the best stuff we can make with our hands. Everybody wins.

    Never Quit ... Die Falling Forward.

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