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Farm Pedals

Subsoiler Fuzz

Heavy, deep, rich, harmonically tuned fuzz steamroller.  This is a pedal for heavy riffs... it isn't scooped, or sculpted... it's blunt.

A Subsoiler is a piece of farm machinery that is dragged behind a tractor to break up subsoil compaction... the tines dive feet underground, ripping up any hardpan layers in the growing zones... it's an apocalypse machine.


  • V: Volume
  • C: Compression. CCW brighter, louder, looser, less sustain, less compressed. CW darker, quieter, tighter, more sustain, more compressed.
  • F: Fuzz Gate.  This controls the voltage levels in the fuzz stage.  CCW woollier and glitchy.  CW brighter and aggressive.  The Fuzz Gate is very interactive with the Compression knob.  As you increase the compression, it increases the intensity of the velcro-like gating.
  • LP: Low Pass. CCW frequency cut-off ~150hz.  Center frequency cut-off ~600hz.  CW full open.

All my pedals are handmade here in Maine. Each box is hand painted and the pedal you receive may differ slightly from the one pictured.

Industry standard 9vlt jack, no wall wart included, no battery option.

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