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Farm Pedals

Quillpig... it's what we call porcupines...

I kept this as close to a white-faced style rat as i could, it's even got something good in there for you chip sniffers...


  • v: volume
  • t: tone, reverse like the rat
  • d: distortion... this is the only change I made.  The originals have an audio log potentiometer, making the clean to dirty sweep greater.  I like distortion, so I used a reverse audio log pot, so it's mostly ramped up distortion.  The distortion knob on this box largely adds more nuanced control over the last quarter of the normal sweep of the control... if that makes sense.

All my pedals are handmade here in Maine. Each box is hand painted and the pedal you receive may differ slightly from the one pictured.

Industry standard 9vlt jack, no wall wart included, no battery option.

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