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Peach Drive

Gritty ultra transparent, tonally flat overdrive. This pedal adds clarity and crunch at the same time.  It's wonderful for pushing tube amps and works really well giving solid state amps a responsive tube-like grit.  This pedal isn't a cloned preamp or amp emulator... it's an amp enhancer.

I came up with this at a time when I was thinking a lot about my dead grandmother... she was wonderful.  I pulled the final version of this pedal together on what would have been her birthday.

The run of Peach Drives I have now are in a tan enclosure... not blue.

V: Volume
G: Gain.  Crackling overdrive to cleanish crisp.  It works to take out some of the teeth, it never cleans up totally, but more is more, and less is less.

All my pedals are hand made here in Maine. Each box is hand painted and the pedal you receive may differ slightly from the one pictured.

Industry standard 9vlt jack, no wall wart included, no battery option.

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