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Casco Logger

The V.2 is nearly identical to the V.1, but it has just a little more volume on tap and the tone knob is slightly more mild.  more mids in the full treble and bass settings.

Transparent and gritty mid-boosted overdrive. Designed for tube amps, but it works really well giving solid state amps a tube-like responsiveness and grit.d

  • V: Volume
  • T: Tone. Full treble keeps the mids, full bass keeps the mids, full middle gives a mid boost.
  • G: Gain. The gain adds or subtracts sharpness and grit. At full gain this pedal cuts, and no gain, this pedal is a warm wool blanket.

All my pedals are handmade here in Maine. Each box is hand painted and the pedal you receive may differ slightly from the one pictured.
Industry standard 9vlt jack, no wall wart included, no battery option.

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