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Fairfield Circuitry

Meet Maude the Analogue Delay from Fairfield Circuitry.

With a tape like all analog tone that is a little on the dark side, this delay unit is rich in character and tone.  Like all Fairfield Circuitry effects, Meet Maude goes a little further than just a simple delay.  Fairfield adds a dynamic filter output that does much more than simple reproductions of your input signal.  You can play right on the threshold of the Feedback circuit and mold the repeats from low growling thunder to screeching wail, or go from a normal sounding repeat that slowly gets darker with every delay.

With the random delay time modulation you get a true tape delay feel.  Imagine a reel-to-reel spinning, but not quite in perfect sync.


  • Continuous control of Delay Time, Feedback, Tone, Mix and Output Level
  • Three position Modulation switch controls the amount of random modulation
  • Two position Compression switch controls the amount of pre-delay compression
  • 8192 stages of BBD goodness, delay times ranges from 500ms to 50ms
  • Discrete compressor and expanding low pass filter
  • CV/Expression input to control either Feedback, Delay Time or it can even used as an effects loop
  • Typical 9VDC, center negative power supply
  • True bypass


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