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The Marquis Fuzz is an old school fuzz box based on the first version Tone Bender, commonly known as the MkI.

This germanium fuzz produces a sound rich in harmonics and upper mid frequency punch, giving a fantastic, cutting push.

The 'Sore' and 'Soar' controls are highly interactive, allowing you to get sounds from gated, velcro splutter, up to a sustaining, powerful kick in the guts that will not get lost in the mix.

While based on an almost 50 year old vintage design, the Marquis benefits from some new enhancements. Using NPN germanium transistors in a modern style negative ground circuit means it plays nice with your other pedals and any 9V (Boss™ style) power supply. Use of shielded cable, RF and power filtering, and individually tested and auditioned transistors ensures minimum idle noise.

Each Marquis Fuzz is hand built into a hand etched enclosure with a brushed finish.

The Marquis Fuzz:

  • Based on the venerable Tone Bender MkI
  • Gated velcro splatter up to soaring full-bodied fuzz
  • Cuts through in any mix - this sound will not get lost
  • Three hand picked and tested NOS germanium transistors - one Mil spec CV7351 and two Mullard/Philips OC141
  • True bypass
  • Power from 9V battery or Boss™ style centre negative power supply


  • 'More' control dictates the output level, or volume of the pedal.

  • 'Sore' controls the amount of sizzle and sustain.

  • 'Soar' control is similar to the MkI Tone Bender's 'Attack' control. Dial this down as well as your guitar's volume control for a more gated, splatty fuzz verging on velcro. Dial up for a more full and rich fuzz.

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