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The Jasmine Boost is a signal booster for guitar and bass, based on a three stage, all discrete FET design.

The boost stages allow the Gain control to take your signal from totally clean boost - using the Level control to push the front end of your amp - up to varying levels of transistor distortion, with the frequency response tailored by the Tone control. There is no hard diode clipping. All dirt is generated by the transistor stages; it is soft and asymmetrical, giving a very musical sounding distortion.

To add to the pedal's versatility, it can be used as a high impedance buffer. This can be achieved by dialing down the Gain and setting the Tone control to flat. The Level control is then used to match your clean signal.

Each Jasmine is built into a hand-etched enclosure with a brushed finish. It features a soft-touch, almost clickless bypass stomp.

The Jasmine:

  • The sounds of classic treble boosters of the past
  • Full range clean/dirty boost
  • Bass boost
  • Separate modes for guitar and bass
  • High impedance buffer functionality
  • Almost silent soft switching
  • True bypass
  • Can be run from 9V up to 18V for increased headroom


  • 'Level' control dictates the output level, or volume of the pedal.

  • 'Gain' control alters the gain of one transistor stage, from clean boost to a very musical crunch.

  • 'Tone' control has a flat frequency response at noon (50%). Turned fully clockwise to the right, treble frequencies are boosted and bass frequencies are cut. Turned fully anticlockwise to the left, bass frequencies are boosted and treble frequencies are cut.

  • 'A/B' switch alters the frequency and gain response of the pedal. Mode 'A' can be thought of as the pedal's "A game". 'B' *could* stand for Bass - high frequencies are attenuated, gain structure is altered, more bass frequencies are passed.

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