eZone53 Tone Bender MkI



This is a clone of the British made MKI the one that started it all. Used by many famous players such as Jeff Beck, Mick Ronson, and many others. In this circuit I used a Mullard/Phillips OC71 in the first position and 2 Phillips AC125's in the second and third positions. The circuit has been tuned for a thick fuzz with never ending sustain and great note articulation without that gated effect. Pinch and artificial harmonics scream out with ease. The circuit reminds me allot of a Tube Screamer meets Fuzz and sounds just as good as any Lumpy or Ronno Bender.

Swirl painted enclosure using the same technique Ibanez used on there anniversary Jem guitars. It's an old Japanese art of floating paints on water then dipping the object into the paint. I then spray several coats of crystal clear enamel then place the enclosure in a 180º oven to give it a high gloss rock hard finish.


  • 100% hand built point to point construction using tagboard same stuff used in many of the vintage valve amps.
  • New old stock European transistors that have been tested for proper gain and leakage then audio tested for proper breakup.
  • 5mm clear ultra bright blue led is added so you know when the circuit is on or in true bypass mode and doesn't effect the circuit in anyway.
  • Added 9v jack to the circuit so you have the choice of using battery or separate power source. Battery is recommended for this circuit as it sound much better.
  • Instrument cable used on all input and output connections to reduce noise.
  • Very quiet operation compared to the vintage pedals.
  • Top quality parts used throughout:
    • Deka-ware vintage style chicken head knobs.
    • Mullard/Phillips vintage mustard caps.
    • Vishay electrolytic caps.
    • Vishay carbon film resistors used for a quieter circuit compared to carbon comps.
    • Alpha 16mm carbon pots used throughout.

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