eZone53 1-Knob Fuzz Face



This pedal is based on the 1966 fuzz face but without the fuzz control I replaced it with a 1k resistor so the fuzz is fully cranked. If your like me I always have the fuzz control all the way up so who needs it anyway. Replaced the 470 ohm resistor with a 1k this give the pedal allot more gain this seems to be what everyone is looking for in a fuzz. Changed out the 500K volume pot for a 100k this makes the pedal a little brighter with better presence and takes out some of the mud. Also added some pf caps to soften the transistors up a bit. Added a bias pot so you can adjust the fuzz to your taste. The enclosure is powder coated with a heavy duty hammertone finish and measures 4.39"H x 2.36W x 1.03"D. I used top quality parts in the making of this pedal such as 24mm alpha pot, Neutrik jacks, BC electrolytic caps, Vishay Roederstein cap, and vishay carbon film resistors.

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