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This is a faithful Reproduction of the 1966-67 Baldwin Burns Ltd Buzzaround. There was only a small production of these pedals made in the 60's making the originals impossible to find.

The Buzzaround is the most insane and undistbuted king of all fuzz boxes with huge amounts of volume and saturation with a very smooth fuzz that cleans up on interaction with the guitars volume.

This reproduction has the exact sonic tones of the original pedal. Using the same component values and built as close as possible to the original circuit using tagboard construction and using components that are of the highest quality and similarity to the components that were used in the original pedals. Such as WIMA caps, BC electrolytic caps, and carbon comp resistors.

The pedal is equipped with 3 AC128 Germanium Transistors. These are the equivalence of the NKT213 low gain Germanium Transistors that were installed in the original pedals. When constructed to high standards and using either selected original transistors or close substitutes will have very much the same character and tone of the original pedal.

Each transistor is carefully tested and only correct gain and low leakage transistors are used to create the tone character and breakup of the original units.

The enclosure is a custom slanted front diecast aluminum enclosure that has been powder coated with a tough silver hammerite finish.

This is a high-gain fuzz that is capable of an extraordinary wide range of fuzz tones. In my opinion this was one of the best fuzz boxes that was ever produced, it's unbelievable they only did a very small production of these pedals.


  • 9 volt Battery snap
  • 1/4 output on the left, 1/4 input on the right
  • Left knob is the Sustain
  • Middle knob is the Balance
  • Right knob is the Timbre
  • 3PDT foot switch for true bypass
  • Tagboard construction
  • Davies knobs, Alpha pots
  • Custom slanted front enclosure
  • Shielded cable used at the input and output jacks

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