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Ezhi & Aka

Fernweh is a modular lo-fi system including 4 different lo-fi delays and a lo-fi looper. You can connect those modules in many ways using a patch bay and included patches.

The delays are:

  • Mr. Glitchy – the first one and probably the most lo-fi of the four. It features a momentary glitch/skip/mess function as well as some radio noises and burning tape sounds.
  • Mr. Nice/Mr. Wobble- a nice sounding deep lo-fi delay which is very nice to everybody – that’s why he allows everyone to manipulate, sorry, to modulate him in all the ways and changes into mr. Wobble. Yes, those two are blended now – modulation goes from very subtle to tape chewing.
  • Mr. Arcade – a lo-fi delay with no Time knob as he has a dedicated control unit to rapidly change the delay time thus jumping from high to low sounds, producing dirty octaves and harmonies. And yes, you can stick the control unit on your guitar. Isn’t that cool? Well, unless you own some vintage rare idontknowwhat that is afraid of any additions. But let’s face it – you a probably a noise musician, right?
  • Mr. Clap- a clapping/rhythmic delay that crushes your signal into percussive gated claps and also works as a simple drum machine with no input needed.
  • Looper – a dirty lo-fi 20 sec looper with sample rate/pitch control.

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