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The Gullmour Wah is a versatile boutique inductor style wah. It is based off of the types of wah pedals used by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd during the late 60's and early 70's. It is 100% handmade, and is true bypass. It is capable of producing two effects:

  1. A standard “fixed” wah, meaning that you can dial in a specific tone in the tonal wah sweep. Kind of like just leaving a normal rocker wah pedal in one position. Perfect for guitar solos, or having a wide range of tonal varieties.
  2. The “Gull” is an effect that David Gilmour made famous in the mid section of the song “Echoes”. This is achieved by not playing the guitar but by controlling a self oscillating feedback tone with your volume knob, tone knob, and pickup selector switch. Run this sound through about 800ms of delay and you are in business. Watch the demo video for ideas. The Gull function works off of the inductance of your guitars pickups, and tone circuit. It will NOT work after any other guitar pedal unless they are true bypass as well.

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