Explode-O-Tone Venus


Wired so the input and out are modern style not reversed. Input on the right output on the left. Voiced dialed in right next with with a couple of my favorite nice old originals I have run across. All parts hand selected ,made in socketed pedal and tuned in before the final build. Pedals sustains great, is harmonically rich ,cleans ups nice but is also very fuzzy with clarity. Tracking is important and it is good to get a good balance there.

Professionally silk screened and powder coated. Also has a riveted 9 volt battery holder on the back plate to hold battery.

  • Phillips cap, sprague cap and nos mullard capacitor . All hand tested selected for capacitance and low esr leakage.

  • Different models with different transistors (CV7003 / CV7005 / NKT272A / BC130c / OC44 / OC75 / ...). All hand selected and socketed in the socketed pedal. You get what you pay for as far selections and voicing of pedal. Trust me I do not make very much to say the least. However these transistors are really nice.

  • Carbon pots with correct taper like on the original ff's. Hand selected for tolerances I use in these.

  • NOS Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors. The 8.2k is stock but has different color bands on it for the pedal geeks out there. Hand selected when for voicing pedal.

  • Carling DPDT footswitch

  • Hand voiced and built for the end sound to be what I like a old fuzz face to sound like. Built right next to my oldies.

  • Reproduction FF knobs

  • NOS tested Made in U.K. jacks

  • Hammond case made in Canada. Finished in a Anodized blue finish(looks like a purple though). Professionally silk screened print and power coated in U.S.A 

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