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Experimental Noize


The Experimental Noize SpinCycle rotary speaker effect pedal models the character of classic rotary cabinets with a powerful dual core Blackfin DSP in order to deliver a level of authenticity and sonic quality beyond the competition. Easily tweak your sound from the intuitive top-panel interface, using knobs that are always dedicated to individual parameters. Bypass, motor speed, and braking switches are all simultaneously available, allowing SpinCycle to perform seamlessly alongside your favorite instrument.

Authentic Sound

Thanks to a lightning fast, hand coded, DSP effect engine, SpinCycle provides enough sonic flexibility and realtime control to emulate the idiosyncrasies of an individual vintage speaker. Using the Drum:Rotor ratio control, you can recreate the motor speed variances that make the swirling, pulsing tones of each cabinet unique.


  • Innovative Drum:Rotor Ratio control for modeling unique variances in speaker character
  • Authentic Cabinet and Tube emulation
  • Variable miking distance, and balance between rotor and drum
  • Individual control of slow and fast speed settings
  • Adjustable acceleration and braking rates
  • Buffered Bypass with flat response
  • 9V DC power supply included

Top Panel

  • 8 dedicated sound shaping knobs
  • Slow Speed
  • Fast Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Drum:Rotor Ratio
  • Tube Emulation
  • Cab Emulation
  • (Mic) Distance
  • Rotor/Drum Balance
  • 3 Simultaneous performance switches
    • Enable (Bypass)
    • Brake
    • Speed

Rear Panel

  • 9V DC power supply input
  • TRS Footswitch input (Enable and Speed) allows placement of the pedal within arm’s reach
  • Mono audio input
  • Gain switch provides 12dB of input level boost
  • Left and Right stereo main outputs

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