Excelsior LS-1 Electronic Rotating Speaker Simulator


  • Flute
    effect level
  • AUX1,AUX2,AUX3
    mixer inputs levels
  • Output level
    can be regulated with a screw-driver
  • Fast/Slow
    controls the speed
  • Slow/Off


An Excelsior ad

The LS-1 is a sophisticated accessory which reproduces perfectly the well-known effect of the mechanical rotation of loudspeakers.

The perfect realism of the effect is the result of a careful study on the acoustic phenomena relative to the rotating loudspeaker and is reproduced electronically. This allows to eliminate all eventual problems of the traditional mechanical effect: noise, necessity of maintenance work, weight, measurements.

The LS-1 is the ideal accessory for every electronic accordion or organ and and is outstanding for the prestige-model Digisyzer.

Thanks to the auxiliary inputs, the LS-1 is working as a mixer too, which allows to be connected to an amplifier with one input only.

The output level control at constant impedance makes the LS-1 adaptable to every kind of amplifier without causing any distortion.

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  • Power supply
    117-220-240 Vac (to be specified)
  • Power Consumption
    8 W
  • Max. signal level at FLUTE Input (volume to max.)
    1 Vp. (Od Bm)
  • Max. Gain with reference to FLUTE input
    +8dB (1 kHz)
  • S/N Ratio (1 Vp input level)
    over 55dB
  • Mixing inputs
    1 for the effect + 3 straight
  • Input Impedance
    less than 20K ohm

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