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After decades of research, Excalibur has created the ultimate distortion pedal. The HG Distortion was designed to act as a versatile distortion unit with high sound pressure and powerful sound range at any volume level. With the HOLY GRAIL, even the smallest amplifier can have the presence and authority of a full stack, and it will turn a full stack into a wrecking ball. With such large amounts of gain on hand, it's easy for your guitar's tone to get buried underneath the sound of the effect. The EXCALIBUR Distortion prevents this with a specially tuned, control tone circuit. While most other distortion pedals adopt an ordinary inductor coil and capacitor for their tone circuit, the Holy GRAIL uses a 4558 IC as a simulated inductor in place of the standard coil. This ingenious component substitution helps make the HOLY GRAIL's tone circuit smaller and quieter than other pedals. It also allows for precision tuning of the HOLY GRAIL bottom to be punchy and tight without ever getting muddy or non-descript. If you require the most powerful distortion without compromising your guitar's tone, the HOLY GRAIL Distortion is the only alternative.

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