Excalibur AD-350 Analog Device



The best sounding, most reliable analog delay ever. When you're ready for the ultimate analog experience, the EXCALIBUR Analog Delay AD-350 is the only serious choice in an otherwise digital world! The AD-350 captures all the classic sounds of the most sought-after vintage analog delay units. Each EXCALIBUR DEVICE comes loaded with Chip for a total of 350 milliseconds of pure, rich, organic analog tone. The Delay Time "RATE", Delay Level "DEPTH", and Feedback "REPEAT" controls for a huge variety of sounds and signal routing options. With 350 milliseconds of variable Delay Time BBD IC the AD-350 can produce a wide variety of time-delay effects, from Rock-A-Billy slap back echo to erratic, runaway delays. The unit's Repeat control provides additional spatial effects by adjusting the repeats from one to infinity to emulate various room sizes. Even bizarre sounds are possible with the AD-350 limited only by the user's imagination.

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