Exar PN-04 Pig Nose


  • Attack
    adjustment of the attack-time of the filter
  • Sens
    adjusts the sensitivity of the filter
  • Depth
    regulates the saturation of the effect


the manual

The PN-04 is an envelope-filter, which is controlled by the dynamics of the instrument. The louder the input-signal, the brighter the tone, the lower the input-signal, the darker the tone. The PN-04 produces a sound similar to a conventional Wah without using a foot-pedal.

The three adjustment-knobs allow a wide variety of wah-sounds, also providing a sensitivity-control to fit the needs of your instrument.

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  • Input Impedance
    1 MOhm/dd>
  • Output Impedance
    10 KOhm
  • Power Supply
    9V DC
  • Current Draw
    5 mA
  • Size
    62x112x50 mm
  • Weight


pn 4 pn 04 pn4, pn04 pignose

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