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"THE POT", short for potentiometer, is a remote, true-bypass volume and tone control. Just like the volume & tone pots on your guitar, but in pedal form. This unit is great on amps where you need to adjust your guitar's volume control to tweek in the correct level of overdrive. Use "THE POT" straight or in conjunction with your Fuzz Drive for added tonal dynamics. The unit allows you to get a great clean sound out of fuzz pedals that clean up as you roll off the volume.

Passive Volume Control - When you roll off your guitar's volume you will typically notice a loss of high end clarity, this is due to the filter produced between the capacitance of your guitar cable and the volume pot you are adjusting. "THE POT" resolves this issue in that it has a high pass filter that will pass highs to your amp no matter what level you have it set to. No more muddy sounds at low volume!

Passive Tone Control - Some amps are very bright and as a result you may find it necessary to have less high end filted though. With this in mind, we have added a tone control to allow you to dial in the perfect mix with your particular setup.

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