J. Everman Ring Modulated Fuzz


  • Bias
    adjusts the effect your guitar's pickups have on the pedal.
  • Fuzz
    Adjusts the level of the fuzz. It is not recommended to max out this control unless you wish to experience sonic havoc. Setting it at 65% - 85% of full is recommend for most applications.
  • Gain
    Adjusts the volume level of the pedal.
  • Low pass filter (internal trimpot)
    On the main PC board you will find a small adjustable trimmer pot. This pot acts as a low pass filter and servers to attenuate the high frequencies produced by the circuit and should be adjusted to your personal taste and amp settings.



An octave pedal like you've never heard before...

The Ring Modulated Fuzz (RMF) is not modeled after any classic design, it's unique and produces the most organic octave tones you've ever heard. So what's it sound like? Think of an octave-up pedal, a ring modulator and a 60's germanium fuzz all in one. Inside this unit you will find a custom Fuzz Drive circuit pushing a DUAL TRANSFORMER GERMANIUM RING MODULATOR MATRIX. Both circuits have been tuned and optimized to work with eachother synergistically. This union results in a smooth sustaining tone that retains much of the bass that other octave pedals loose. You dont know how sterile your octave pedal really was till you try the RMF. For the time being, these units will only available from us directly and not sold in stores.

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