J. Everman Octave-X


  • Bias
    adjusts interaction between pickups and the pedal
  • Drive
    adjusts between harsh and soft fuzz roll off
  • Gain
    adjusts the output volume
  • Filter (internal trimpot)
    acts as a low pass filter and serves to attenuate the high frequencies produced by the circuit. Adjusting this internal pot will soften the sound, should your amp have an overly bright tone.



So whats inside the Octave-X ? Look under the hood and you will find a dual transformer, germanium ring modulator circuit (that uses NOS diodes), all pushed by an optimized Fuzz Drive G2 circuit. This combination combines the best tones from the past with current technology to give a smooth octave tone not typically found in todays octave pedals. An internal charge pump is used to ramp the 9v power (battery or adapter jack) up to 18v. This doubling of power, gives the unit much greater headroom which equates to a cleaner, more Hifi signal. The unit is capable of tones over the entire length of the guitar neck, not just the 12th fret and greater.

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