J. Everman Low Fi Filter


  • Range
    selects from 6 different tonal ranges
  • Filter
    moves a band pass filter across the audio spectrum
  • Tone
    controls the high frequency roll off
  • Gain
    adjusts the output volume



So what's the Low Fi Filter?

The Low Fi Filter is what you get when you combine an adjustable wah type filter, a highpass, low pass and band pass filter circuit, custom degredation diode control, white noise source, a high gain boost circuit and even a slight octave tone all in one.

How's it sound?

You can get some great 'telephone quality' tones or 'AM' radio noise from this pedal AND a blues like overdrive. It can be set to give you ear piercing highs as well or some deep fuzzed out filtered low tones. The sound, can be clean or you can set it up so there is a bit of distortion, that makes it LOW FI and its filtered, you get the idea. In reality its hard to say what it sounds like, there are so many possible tones in this box that no one statement can really sum up the LFF.

How do I control it?

The LFF gives you both internal and external controls, which allow the user to configure the pedal to work best with their personal setup. Each unit features a selector that chooses from 6 input capacitor values and give a HUGE tonal sweep to the pedal. Other external controls include, bandpass filter, tone dial and gain knob. Internal controls include, 1 switchable nosie source, 1 degredation switch, 2 midrange filter switches that cut out the treble of the pedal and 2 filter switches that allow you to set the pedal in the high or low end of the audio spectrum.

Internal controls:

    • 1 : fuzz1 degradation
    • 2 : fuzz2 degradation
    • 3 : mid range filter 1
    • 4 : mid range filter 2
    • 5 : high pass filter
    • 6 : low pass filter

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