J. Everman Fuzz Drive G2


J. Everman

Tone freaks look no further than the Fuzz Drive Generation 2. This unit combines the best of our Fuzz Drive Deluxe and Original Fuzz Drive in one. The Fuzz Drive is unlike most fuzz/overdrive pedals in that it maintains the low end of your signal. You'll find no harsh "mosquito" tones in the Fuzz Drive and your crunchy sound will remain intact when you crank up your amp. If your looking for a pedal will run the gamut between natural organic warmth, deep haunting blues tones and a huge ethereal fuzzy overdrive, look no further. The Fuzz Drive is built with flexibility in mind, 2 internal user adjustable pots allow you to adjust the bias and drive parameters of the pedal. These controls will allow you to tailor the pedal to your guitar's pickups for the ultimate in control and articulation.

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