J. Everman Fuzz Drive Deluxe


J. Everman

The Fuzz Drive Deluxe will be available for a limited time only and only 100 units will be produced. We are currently taking reservations for units so if your interested, reserve yours today! The Fuzz Drive Deluxe, has the same great sound as the Original Fuzz Drive, but with a new design, more features, more control, lower noise and greater sustain. Internally adjustable parameters include overdrive, low gain adjust, fine adjust and fuzz, all of which alter the gain structure of the pedal. By adjusting the gain structure and not simply filtering the sound, we have eliminated the need for all tone killing EQ circuits. "Tone tweekers" this is the one for you. The drive knob can be pulled up to engage the low gain section of the pedal, which can be internally adjusted to the desired level of drive. If your simple minded and like those two knob stomp boxes, then this pedal is probably not for you. If on the other hand, you are a fine connoisseur of tone, we have your desert. In the end, you know what you like and how you like it, now you finally have the opportunity to get it.

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