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The Moon Boost is a professional quality boutique effects pedal for those who want a unique sound you can't find at Guitar Center. The job of a boost pedal is basically to take your guitar signal and amp it up in order to overdrive the front end of your tube amp. The Moon Boost by itself won't add distortion to your signal. In addition, the Moon Boost has a "Bright" knob which is basically used to brighten up the signal to smoothen up the overdrive. With the knob all the way to the left the signal is clean and unaltered. When you roll the Bright to the right it starts cutting the lows and starts boosting the highs at the same time (which makes your lead sound smoother and adds presence). Try it with the neck pickup on a strat to get that Hendrix sound. The pedal has 21 decibels of clean boosting power!

This pedal uses a germanium transistor, like the Dallas Rangemaster, but coupled with a jfet input section to give the benefits of super high input impedance, which means the pedal does not load down the guitar signal and preserves all the nuances of your tone. With the Bright knob rolled all the way to the left, the pedal gives a completely clean boost, and with the Bright knob rolled to the right the pedal cuts the lows and gives an extra boost to the highs to make it a treble booster. The Moon Boost is a very low noise pedal and is designed to be elegant and spare, using the minimum number of parts so that the tone comes through perfectly clear without any monkeying or alteration. The Moon Boost is a buffered bypass pedal, so that when the active boost is not engaged it still acts as a line buffer, outputting a strong signal so that it can drive long cables and preserve your tone. The Moon Boost also has an internal trim resistor which allows you to play with the bias on the germanium transistor for some interesting sound possibilities.

Here are the specs:

  • Dual Field Effect Transistor/Germanium transistor design.
  • 100% Hand Made
  • Sturdy die cast aluminum construction.
  • 9V DC Jack so you don't have to buy batteries! (We supply a free battery anyhow with each one) Tested to work with the Boss PSA120s adaptor.
  • 21 dB of clean gain.
  • 6.34 Volts max peak to peak output.
  • 2.35 Megaohm input impedance, so it won't load down your guitar pickups and cause loss of highs.
  • 2.2K output impedance (much more robust output signal than most boost pedals)

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