Electric Toad Engineering Bomber Boxx


Electric Toad Engineering (E.T.E.)

This versatile, smooth fuzz pedal has all the rich, gnarly distortion you crave. Uses genuine new old stock soviet era germanium transistors for a unique sound you'll find nowhere else. This pedal has a plethora of sound shaping options:  It has high cut/low cut switches, which can give you a chewy, dark voicing, a bright, aggressive voicing, or a neutral voicing.  It also has a Scoop knob to scoop the mids for a heavier, more "metal" sound. The other innovative feature that the Bomber Boxx has that few pedals do is a Choke foot switch which senses whether you are playing and generates total silence between notes.  This is cool for two reasons- first off, it sounds badass on solos.  Secondly, you can use it to silence the 60 cycle hum that vintage single coil pickups sometimes produce. Roll back the gain a little for vintage fuzz face tone or put it all the way up for incredibly long sustain.


  • Germanium transistor design- Each Bomber Boxx has specially selected transistors with hand tweaked bias, so every one is optimal.
  • 100% Hand Made
  • Sturdy die cast aluminum construction.
  • Heavy duty footswitches which won't break (or your money back!)
  • 9V DC Jack so you don't have to buy batteries! (We supply a free battery anyhow with each one) Tested to work with the Boss PSA120s adaptor.
  • Low current draw- 4mA, so the batteries will last quite a while.

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