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"Rules were meant for the meek. We are sonic explorers! Rules can't contain us!"

You've always heard that you should put your time-based effects at the end of your chain. You heard wrong. This is an echo circuit fed into drive circuit. With the echo circuit mix turned all the way down, you've got a nice drive circuit that has plenty of output to push your amp into the sweet spot. With the mix control increased, the signal hits the drive section at varying volumes as the repeats die out, so your initial pick attack will be driven the most, with subsequent repeats being driven less. The minimum echo time has been tuned so that you can even get reverb sounds from the echo section. Pair it with a tele or a Jazzmaster for some awesome, spacey post-punk sounds. With a little slapback and the drive tuned just right, you can get that surf rock sound nailed. With the Size control maxed, you can really get some interesting sounds that teeter on the edge as you explore new sonic worlds. This one was a real head turner at the SC Vintage Guitar show this year. Turn the drive down, and you've got a nice delay circuit with a boost after it. This is a pedal that can cover a LOT of ground.

The controls are as follows...

  • Space - Time between echo repeats
  • Size - Number of repeats
  • Mix - How much echo signal you want to add
  • Tone - A versatile tone section that also affects the delayed signal
  • Drive - Gain control
  • Level - Master volume

Science Friction comes in a beautiful acid-etched enclosure that will still be pretty when everything else in the world has been ruined by battle with the conquering alien hordes.

Escape Plan Pedals use 9v center negative 200mA "Boss Style" power adapters.  This pedal does not include a battery snap.

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