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This pedal is so much's, dare I say, psycho.

Is there anything more satisfying than stacking various drive pedals? It's the driving force behind the wall of guitar distortion that came to signify many of the greatest 80s and 90s alternative bands. In fact, this pedal's name takes inspiration from a classic alternative album known for its walls of fuzz and feedback.

The Psycho Andy Deluxe takes that concept to heart with its op amp distortion / overdrive circuit with an asymmetrical clipping section feeding into a nasty 60s style velcro fuzz. Both circuits are completely independent of each other, so you can set your distortion / overdrive section to a nice crunchy rhythm sound, and then kick in the fuzz section for searing leads. Another possibility is having the fuzz section set to a controlled setting to play backing riffs and kick in the drive when you need more oomph for a section of the song. Or say you just need a good distortion. Or you want just a nasty fuzz for those 60s garage tunes. This pedal does all that, and more. The fuzz section features a variable scoop section for getting even more varied tones. This pedal is just too much fun. I take no responsibility for mornings spent jamming on this pedal when you ought to be at work already. Trust me, it happens. It's just too much fun.

Escape Plan Pedals use 9v center negative 200mA "Boss Style" power adapters.  This pedal does not include a battery snap.

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