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Butch (as named by my daughter - based on a cartoon character - and featuring my pup) is a versatile drive pedal with switchable clipping diodes for a variety of sounds. Want a louder, more "overdrive-y" sound? Flip the switch to Balls. Want more grit and hard clipping? Flip to Bones. Need a clean boost? Flip back to Balls, back off on the Bark control, and turn up the Howl control to push your amp into its sweet spot. The circuit has been refined a bit to reduce some of the noise that comes with using discrete components vs. op amp gain stages. I think you'll be happy with all the tones you can get!

Escape Plan Pedals use 9v center negative 200mA "Boss Style" power adapters.  This pedal does not include a battery snap.

All Escape Plan Pedals are handmade in Lenoir, NC, USA with the finest components - high-quality switches, metal film resistors, Alpha pots, Neutrik / Amphenol connectors (depending on model). All pedals feature true bypass switching. 1 Year Warranty on parts.

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