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Erotic FX

The Paris Echo is such a flamboyant performer, we had to name her after the most famous of all strippers. Turn this girl on and she will surely be the hit of the party.

Remember the lush sounds of the AD-9 from Ibanez and the DM-2 from Boss. True these pedals did not offer the longest delay times, but the delay they did have was warm and sounded true to the original tone. Since this time manufactures have tried to improve the delay pedals by increasing their delay times. This has created a harsh unnatural tone from most modern delay pedals.

We bring you our delay pedal hybrid. A true digital delay with a very warm analog sound to it. sure it only boasts a 600 millisecond delay time, but it is a very warm 600 milliseconds.

Listen for yourself and hear the warmth this delay offers. This pedal makes a great addition to any performers pedal board. From the very fast times to some infinite repeat effects. There is something in this pedal for everyone.

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