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Erotic FX

Angel is true a classic in every way. This is the one all newcomers aspire to imitate. Do not let the name fool you she can get nasty when necessary.

Our Fuzz pedal is based on the classic Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face. Yes the same one James Marshall Hendrix Himself used to change guitar playing forever. The same one Eric Johnson swears by for his signature tone. Ours uses premium components throughout. and we have improved upon the original by adding true bypass switching and bright LED indicators.

All of this enclosed in a durable powder coated cast aluminum box that fits nicely on your pedal board. We use the matched silicon transistors. and metal film capacitors.

The fuzz face was an essential element in Jimi's tone. and currently in Eric Johnson's rig. Listen for yourself this pedal has some serious vintage vibe in it.

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