Erotic FX Amberdrive


Erotic FX

The AmberDrive is named after the stripper we know as Amber. With her sleek looks and lovely figure she is sure to turn heads on any stage you may find her on.

Based on the classic and unmistakable tone of the Tube Screamer 808 model. The 808 is THE pedal Stevie Ray Vaughan used for his signature tone. We have tweaked the midrange to help tame the pedal ever so slightly. We changed the clipping diode to provide asymmetrical clipping. This uses the famous Texas Instruments RC4558P OP amp to deliver the quiet tone the overdrive is known for.

The original TS808 was not only a big part of SRVs and countless other guitar players, but most overdrive circuits since have been based heavily on its design. Why fix what is not broken. This overdrive represents a fantastic value for the extraordinary tone it creates. Listen to the samples and hear for yourself.

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