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The Strahl Fuzz is like krautrock lightning mixed with some dark energies from the lands of doom. This 4 gain stage pie is modified and balanced so that you can get lost of different sounds out of it. You have control over output volume, fuzz amount, strahl (mid frequencies contents), tone (bass to treble). With these controls you can a great variety of sounds:

  • light fuzz
  • mid fuzz
  • full on fuzz
  • mid scoop
  • full mids
  • thin
  • full and dark
  • and everything in between (the controls are highly interactive)

The Strahl fuzz is heavy...lots of output volume (enough to overdrive your amp at the same time your getting fuzzed)...it has the potential to get you into riff time until a Strahl lights your consciousness and you realize why you are here: to shred!

This pedal has enough low end to handle guitar and bass just as well!

  • Knobs size and colors may change.
  • Typical enclosure size: 3.82" x 1.50" x 1.22"
  • All pedals come with hand stamped labels and bare metal enclosures.
  • True bypass.
  • 9V center negative standard 2.1mm Boss Style dc jack (adapter not included).

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