Epiphone Distortion


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Ear-busting distortion in a compact, rugged Epiphone pedal.

Screaming distortion is yours thanks to this handy distortion pedal from Epiphone. Its compact size makes it perfect for any pedal board or in a tight spot where you don't have a lot of floor space. The effect pedal features tone, distortion, and level controls, along with a push button distortion on/off dial, to dial in your perfect blend of audio annihilation. Just tap the switch, turn the knobs, and you're there. The Epiphone distortion pedal has 2 LED lights that let you know the pedal is activated, even under dim lights and thick smoke. With chrome hardware and a rugged, all-metal black housing, this distortion pedal will last for years, able to stand up to whatever the gig throws at you.


  • Controls: tone, distortion, level, push button distortion on/off
  • All-metal housing

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