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The Ascension Reverb was designed to assist users in the creation of inspiring layers of ambiance in a simplistic, yet distinct manner. The Ascension reverb contains three modes: Hall, Modulated Hall, & Shimmer. It also has the added capability to layer-in ambient octaves under the guitar signal to enrich the sound and smooth live performance song transitions via the onboard pad volume roller knob. 

The Reverb unit offers three controls: Height, Ethos, and Mix. On all modes Height adjusts the decay time and mix adjusts the reverb signal while the ethos knob adjusts the Tone, Modulation Rate, or Shimmer Amount based on the respective mode that is activated. The Ascension Reverb has three footswitches: master bypass, one switch to toggle on/off the underlying pad signal and a third switch to designate what key the underlying pad signal should be in (A, Bb, B, C, Db, etc…). An effects loop exists for the pad signal, this allows users to route the pad to an external mixing desk to be controlled externally or to route the pad through modulation pedals such as chorus, pitch shift, or tremolo for even more textural depth.

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