Eowave SpaceBug - Stereo Analog-like Delay


  • Space
  • Speed
    controls the speed of the LFO
  • Depth
    controls the depth of the LFO
  • Regen
    controls the feedback regeneration
  • Time
    controls the delay time
  • Mix
    controls the mix of the direct signal with the delay signal



Spacialization and delays are essential parts of the music making process. But have you ever experienced the spacialization power of an analog delay ? The SpaceBug is an analog-like delay featuring an additional LFO with variable speed and depth parameters as well as regeneration capabilities. With the SpaceBug, you will master space and time with only five knobs: space and time to set the delay, speed and depth for LFO modulations, and regen to regenerate the sound. SpaceBugs are great for live applications with their small size, their easy-to-use interface and their powerful unique sounds. With their analog warmth and modulation capabilities, SpaceBugs cannot be compared to other delays. It's more than that, it's a SpaceBug.

  • Delay Time
  • Feedback regeneration
  • Mix wet/dry
  • Space right/left
  • Variable triangle LFO with depth & speed parameters
  • Bypass switch
  • AC 12 V powered

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